Contact to request a professional genealogical research, become a member or to enroll in research specialization:
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Board of Experts and Executives 

The Open Global Research Academy is an institution to stimulate global academic research and professional research services. It is second generation developed from the International Institute of Anthropology, which was founded in 2001 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The following branches belong to OGRA:
International Institute of Anthropology
PREDZI Professional Genealogical Research
EAGER LEARNERS (teaching English online)

Current Projects:
Professional Genealogical Research  - innovative effective methods for most unexpensive and fruitful genealogical search (e-mail with inquiry or for more information at [email protected])
TV show: Ancestors and Relatives (in Bulgarian) - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Specializaton Cultural Genomic with free course Introduction to Cultural Genomics
Teaching kids from Bulgaria in English (online)
Prehistory of Eurasia

Board of Experts:
Prof. Paolo Biagi, PhD, Italy, theory, archaeology, prehistory
Prof. Alexandra Comşa, PhD, Romania, theory, physical anthropology
Evgeni Delev, M.A., genetic genealogy
Prof. Dragos Gheorghiu, PhD, Romania, theory, archaeology, prehistory, art
Prof. Galya Marinova, PhD, Bulgaria, theory, mathematics, statistics, cultural genomics
Alan Murdock, M.A., USA, theory, design,
Prof. Lolita Nikolova, PhD, Bulgaria-USA, theory, genealogy, archaeology, genetic genealogy, cultural genomics
Prof. Marcel Otte, PhD, Belgium, theory, archaeology, prehistory
Prof. Evgeni Paunov, PhD, Austria, theory, numismatics, cultural genomics
Prof. Antoaneta Zapryanova, PhD, Bulgaria, genealogy, cultural genomics

  1. <1,500
  2. 10
  3. <400
    Scientific publications
  4. 3
    Main research directions (genealogy, cultural genomics and English teaching)

The Board of Executives

  1. Lolita NIKOLOVA, PhD - Research CEO
    World leading anthropologist, genealogist and globally distributed author. Author of the OGRA curricula. More than 1500 successful genealogical projects on European origin (Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe, Greece, etc.).
  2. Mariana PAVLOVA, MSc - Financial CEO
    Dentist and financial expert in taxes. More than 5 years IRS Tax experience and teaching students-future dentists. Expert in dentist aspects of cultural genomics.
  3. Galya MARINOVA, PhD - Executive Director
    University Mathematics Professor. Expert in statistics for cultural genomics. Responsible for the European projects and for the implementation of the curricula in OGRA.
  4. Antoaneta ZAPRYANOVA, PhD - Project Manager
    More than 50 years excellence in professional genealogical research. Main editor of a leading genealogical scientific journal.
  5. Evgeni PAUNOV, PhD - Executive Research Lead
    World leading expert in numismatics. Author of numerous peer reviewed scientific articles.
  6. Marcel OTTE, PhD - Peer Reviews CEO
    Word leading scientist in prehistory and theory. Author and editor of numerous peer reviewed scientific articles and books.
  1. Prof. Alexandra COMŞA Executive Research Lead
    Scientist, physical anthropologist. An expert in prehistory of Eurasia.