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  1. Search to extend pedigrees
    We extend pedigrees in the most effective way (European origin)
  2. Search to complete family lists
    Completing family lists of one, two or more generations
  3. Finding biological parents
    Search for biological parents
  4. Interpretation of DNA data
    Interpretation of DNA data from perspectives of origin
  5. On-site research in Europe
    On-site research in Europe with special focus on Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland
  6. Tutoring and Consulting
    Assisting is family research and genealogical data search
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Links to other companies where you can request research by Dr Nikolova:

Universal Genealogy 
Price & Assoc.

CEO of the Board of Professional Genealogists - Master Experts:

Professor Lolita Nikolova, PhD, EdD candidate, MA, MH, AAC

Dr Nikolova has 18 years professional experience as a genealogist. She has been working as a contractor genealogist for the leading companies in the world,  Universal Genealogy and Price & Assoc. She was also 3 years  a full-time genealogist researcher at AncestryProGenealogists. 
Dr. Nikolova uniquely combines expertise in genealogy (American immigration records and European origin), prehistory, archaeology, genetic genealogy, theory and education. She is the professor of the first in the world course on Cultural Genomics and author of numerous scientific articles and book. 
Contact with inquiry at [email protected]